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About Us

Ethical Diamonds Ltd is based online but has a base in Birminghams famous Jewellery Quarter. We have our own workshop and all of our rings are handmade to order. Because of the way we operate we are able to offer prices around 40% below those of high street jewellers. We do not intend to be a discount jewellers; we just price our products as fairly as we can. We do however provide the highest quality ethical product available.

A diamond or diamond ring from The Ethical Diamond Ring Company comes with our Triple Certified scheme. This is:

  1. A quality assurance certificate from GIA, IGI or HRD.
  2. An insurance valuation certificate from Safeguard
  3. A certificate of Conflict Neutral status to assure the ethical status of your purchase.

We also give a lifetime quality guarantee on all our rings.

There are numerous sources of certified diamonds and diamond rings on the internet and the high street. The all say "We only sell conflict-free diamonds" or something similar. The fact of the matter is it is illegal to knowingly sell a conflict or blood-diamond. That is a diamond used in the illegal trade in arms. It is however, impossible to be certain of an individual diamonds history. The Kimberley Process exists to regulate the trade in uncut diamonds so Kimberley Process compliant suppliers of uncut diamonds are used. The problem comes when diamonds have been cut because there is no individual registration scheme in this case. It is therefore impossible to be certain whether a diamond is conflict-free or not. Please note that where we say conflict free diamonds are used we assert this to the best of our knowledge only.

In addition to this the simple act of selling a diamond helps to maintain the value of diamonds by basic supply and demand economics. So even if a diamond is conflict free the attractiveness of diamonds as a trade item in general is maintained. You cannot even argue that you should avoid African diamonds because much of Africa relies upon diamond sales for it's economy. We at The Ethical Diamond Ring Co. were troubled by this. We wanted to sell diamonds but we wanted to be sure that we were not doing any harm at the same time. That is why we created the Conflict Neutral concept. This is where a percentage of the sale total is donated to effective independant charities to attempt to undo the harm caused by diamonds in addition to all the other measures to be as sure as possible of a diamonds source. Visit Conflict Neutral.

We also provide free delivery as standard and usually produce rings in less than 14 days in our workshop. Having our own workshop we are able to produce custon designs with ease.

We are:

Ethical Diamonds Ltd.
44 Hockley Street
B18 6BH

Company no. 6055769.